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Health Insurance & Benefit Services

Offering the most comprehensive, efficient and cost effective options for municipalities, school districts, and quasi-governmental agencies in Rhode Island.

About Us

Serving Rhode Island since 1993

WB Community Health is a non-profit corporation managed by healthcare and financial professionals and governed by a Board of Directors. We have a proven, successful and unique model for all members who want to leverage the advantages of self-funding with greater ability to impact fixed costs, a strategy for stop-loss insurance to create economies of scale and a more predictable way to manage claims volatility and spend while maintaining the ability to retain surpluses created on an ongoing basis.

We endeavor to be a resource for our members and to deliver overall health benefit program services that enhance the benefit plans and optimally manage the health care spend.



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Health Benefits

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Dental Benefits

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Wellness Benefits

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Benefit Advisory Services

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Work Related Injury

We invite school districts and municipalities from around the state to join with us as we go forward and work together in partnership to innovate and implement strategies to control costs while still maintaining quality medical insurance programs for our employees.

“WBCH has been there for our District since the beginning. Their assistance with projecting healthcare costs has been invaluable when budgeting for upcoming years. We also rely on them during negotiations, their ability to forecast and help us compare multiple plan options along with cost savings for the district, while still offering our employees the best healthcare the district can afford.”

- Susan Rogers

   Director of Administration & Finance

    CHARIHO Regional School District

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